OrangeLeaves5David Young

Even though I have been seeing individuals and couples for almost 30 years it is still a tremendous privilege to help people handle life’€™s difficulties, restore the inner faith, and find new ways to enrich their lives.

My Masters and Ph.D. were obtained from Saybrook Institute, but my real training occurred in my own therapy.  After seeking help in my twenties from a variety of healers, I finally found a therapist who had enough depth, wisdom, and love to support me in dramatically shifting the direction of my life.  Initially I followed her psychological orientation, immersing myself in the Existential-Humanistic tradition, but over the years I’ve incorporated many other modalities in my work.  That being said, the real challenge is to find just the right €œlanguage€ or way of working that seems most natural and beneficial for each individual.

Outside of work, creativity has also been a keystone in my life.  In my free time I love to play the piano, hone my craftsman skills, cook scrumptious meals, or dabble with oil paints.

I am currently married, have two grown sons, and live in Woodacre, California.